Vendor Clearance LLC


Protecting Your Business.

Our Mission

Vendor Clearance LLC provides a voice for government contractors who are denied participation in U.S. government contracts. We strive to advocate for contractors and subcontractors so that they may successfully compete for government business.

Our History  

Brett and Mike previously vetted contractors in Afghanistan for the United States military as members of Task Force 2010. It was our job to deny bad contractors access to U.S. bases. Our work protected the lives of military members and taxpayer money. We believe that good contractors should always have the opportunity to bid on U.S. contracts. If the United States has wrongly labeled you as a bad contractor, we want to make it right for you.

What is Vendor Vetting?

The United States military realized it had a problem with its contracting in Afghanistan in 2010. A Congressional Subcommittee released a report that detailed that millions of dollars were paid in bribes to warlords and the Taliban. In response, the Department of Defense established Task Force 2010 to establish better contracting practices. Task Force 2010 designed a program to vet contractors and subcontractors seeking contracts with the U.S. Military in Afghanistan. Contractors are asked to register their information in the Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS) and Task Force 2010 intelligence analysts review the contractors for links to insurgents, terrorists, militias, foreign intelligence and security services, and criminal elements. Task Force 2010 is now run by Central Command (CENTCOM). A contractor deemed as a threat after a review by CENTCOM intelligence analysts will not be issued Department of Defense contracts in the  Afghanistan theater. CENTCOM may or may not inform you that can not receive contracts in Afghanistan.

Vendor Clearance LLC understands the adversity you face when you are mislabeled as a potential threat by the U.S. government.  

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