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Navigating Unfamiliar Waters

Companies seeking contracts and grants with the U.S. government face new challenges. Over the past five years, the Department of Defense has introduced the vendor vetting program, which screens government contractors in combat zones. The U.S. Agency for International Development implemented the "Partner Vetting System" to review sub-awardees in specific countries. These new screening programs can have devastating consequences for vendors. Without even knowing why, a vendor can lose the ability to bid on or perform on government contracts because of a poor vetting result.

Vendor Clearance LLC is a group of professionals with experience in U.S. government vendor vetting. We support companies and individuals who need a voice.

Our Experience

Vendor Vetting in Afghanistan

We are combat-deployed veterans who have specialized intelligence and contracting backgrounds. We  understand the United States military vendor vetting program because we helped establish it. Our attorneys and experts provide zealous representation and advice if you have been denied the ability to bid on government contracts in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

State Department and USAID

Both the State Department and USAID have intelligence programs to vet recipients of contracts and grants. We will fight for you if the State Department or USAID have wrongly determined that your business is an intelligence threat. We are available to advise companies and NGOs struggling with government screening programs. 

Preventative Services

We can help you to maintain your ability to bid on government contracts. Our experts can assist you to establish best practices to avoid a negative intelligence rating or denial of installation access. Our past experience of detecting possible threats for the government will allow us to show you the mistakes to avoid.


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